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Why Do Dryers Fail?

Dryers have a very simple function, rotate, heat, and blow air. If any of these are failing you will find yourself listening to a loud dryer or find wet clothes at the end of a cycle. Like any mechanical system there will be wear and tear from use, to be expected, but did you know that most dryer problems can be avoided by doing a few DIY tips? As long as these tips are followed you can easily double even triple the life of your dryer, and reduce energy cost $$$, but most importantly you protect your home and family from an easily preventable house fire.

What can YOU do?

clean lint filter AFTER EVERY load

make sure flex vent behind dryer is properly connected

at least once a month when dryer is on, go outside to where vent ends, check for airflow & heat

check vent pipe for debris

try to avoid dryer sheets, liquid is better, but no softener is best

When do you need to hire a professional?

dryer is not heating

won't start

loads are taking longer then 45 minutes to dry clothes

burnt smell coming from dryer or clothes after cycle is done

the earliest sign of scratching or squealing from dryer during use

the dryer is hot to the touch after a cycle

your laundry room is hot and/or humid after a cycle

For a thorough inspection inside of dryer and the vent pipe call or message us for a quote

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